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PhD Students

10 PhD students for 10 Doctoral Candidate (DC) projects

List of the involved PhD Students

Rodrigo Castellano Ontiveros
Rodrigo Castellano OntiverosUniversità degli Studi di Siena
Multiple Representation Models in the context of Neural Symbolic Methods.
Neuro-Symboic AI · Explainable AI · Logic
Marco Grillo
Marco GrilloPoznan University of Technology
Theoretical Foundations of Learning from Multiple Representations.
Theoretical approach · Data analysis · New algorithms
Fabian Hoppe
Fabian HoppeVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Combining Large Language Models and Knowledge Graphs.
Neuro-symbolic AI · Large Language Models · Knowledge Graphs
Ying Jiao
Ying JiaoKU Leuven
LMR via Neural Probabilistic Logic programming.
Neuro-symbolic · Approximate Inference · Neuro-symbolic Generative Models
Louis Mozart Kamdem Teyou
Louis Mozart Kamdem TeyouUniversität Paderborn
Class Expression Learning with Multiple Representations.
Explainable AI · Knowledge Graphs · Function Spaces
Pim Kerkhoven
Pim KerkhovenUmea University
Socio-ethical Requirements of Learning with Multiple Representations.
Responsible AI · Requirement Analysis · Machine Learning
Tobias Oberkofler
Tobias OberkoflerLudwig Maximillians University
Learning with Multiple Representations of Data
Algorithms · Formal Guarantees · Weak Supervision
Isaac Jerome Roberts
Isaac Jerome RobertsBielefeld University
Multiple Representation Learning in Visualization.
Explainable AI · Dimensionality Reduction · Embedding Spaces
Charalampos Shimillas
Charalampos ShimillasUniversity of Cyprus
LMR for Fault Isolation in Critical Infrastructure Systems.
Deep Learning · Online learning · Time series · Critical Infrastructures (CIs) · Fault isolation
Effrosyni Sokli
Effrosyni SokliUniversità degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
Learning with Multiple Representations in Search and Recommendation.
Information Retrieval · Knowledge Representation · Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Lemur PhD students
LEMUR Project EU Funded

HORIZON Unit Grant